The dentistry of the child is different from the dentistry of the adult. Certain dental changes can be prevented from childhood, which is why monitoring a child's oral health is essential. Regular visits to the dentist, since the appearance of the first teeth, have a good influence on the smile, oral health of the future adult and his education.

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What dental problems
do children face?

  • crowded teeth
  • gum infection
  • incorrect occlusion (bite)
  • caries
  • chewing problems
  • early tooth loss
Stomatological problems

The sooner the better. Come with your child for a check-up to detect possible problems in advance.

Your child is unique and his teeth are the same. Come see the development of his teeth, so you know in advance if corrective action needs to be taken.

Make an appointment today and ensure your child's dental health.

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What dental services for children we offer you

We believe that the treatment of children requires special attention, because the first visits of the little ones to the dental office influence their confidence in the dental system. Therefore, before starting any pedodontic treatment, we try to find, together with the parents, the right way of communication for each little patient.

Here are the pedodontic services we provide:

Examination and diagnosis

The consultation is the first step in establishing the relationship of trust between your child and the dentist. After the consultation:

  • the child will get used to the atmosphere of a dental office and with what is happening there
  • will learn about proper dental hygiene
  • the doctor will make a diagnosis and recommend the necessary steps to solve the problem

Sealing of permanent teeth

Dental sealing is a method of preventing dental caries. The procedure is safe and painless and is recommended for young patients aged 6-14 years. It involves applying a protective resin to the upper surface of the tooth as a barrier to food debris. Thus, these seals prevent the appearance of caries in a proportion of up to 90%.


The purpose of braces is to correct dental abnormalities by applying pressure to the teeth to bring them into the correct position. In a child, the dental appliance can improve/solve the developmental problems of the maxillary bones, the dental arches, the discrepancies between the size of the teeth and can bring the permanent teeth closer to their correct position.

Child braces

Worn only at night, non-permanent appliances can solve most problems.

Teeth cleaning

This process involves cleaning the teeth and removing the bacterial plaque, that film on the tooth enamel and under the gums that forms when food debris is not removed from the surface of the teeth. Bacterial plaque can lead to the formation of caries, promotes the appearance of gingivitis and unpleasant odor in the mouth.

Treating dental caries and other problems

Treating dental caries involves several steps, depending on their severity: if the lesion is already in the shape of a cavity or is incipient, if it is a new caries (primary) or one with older problems (secondary), etc.

However, the best method of treatment when it comes to caries is dental prophylaxis (prevention), which involves procedures that can be performed both in the dental office and at home.

Dental extractions

Dental extraction is a surgical procedure that aims to remove a tooth that can no longer be saved by a dental treatment. The procedure is most often performed after an x-ray and the application of an anesthetic. In children, the use of an anesthetic spray is sufficient.


This dental procedure for children consists of applying a fluoride gel on the teeth, which helps to strengthen the enamel. Thus, the child's teeth are protected against bacterial plaque and caries can be prevented.


Early fluoridation works wonders for the health and resilience of the teeth

Prevention of caries and oral hygiene

To prevent caries and maintain proper hygiene, children should brush their teeth daily, at least twice a day, with a toothpaste containing fluoride. To effectively remove all food leftovers, the little ones can use a mouthwash especially made for children.

Also, in order to diagnose any problems on time and check the condition of the teeth, children need a dental check-up twice a year.

Prevention of caries and oral hygiene

Even before the teeth appear, the gums must be massaged to nourish them and help the future teeth to come out as straight as possible.

Prices of dental services for children

Our clinic has the latest equipment and a team of professionals. Check the prices of the dental services we offer you and make an appointment now to give your child access to a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Why choose Smile Vision services?

We know that our role is not only in the development and application of pedodontic treatments, but also in educating children about the proper care of teeth.

Gradually, children need to acquire the necessary techniques to take care of their teeth properly and in a correct way, and in this process, together with their parents, we, the dentists, have an essential role. Therefore, our team is not limited to performing pedodontic treatments, but strives to always find a way to educate them regarding:

  • prevention of caries and gum disease
  • bacterial plaque control
  • indications for proper brushing and oral hygiene

Come to a check-up and find out more
about the health of your child’s teeth!

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