Dental X-rays are images of the teeth that we use to assess your oral health.

Depending on the purpose for which they are performed, there are several types of dental X-rays. The most widely used are retro-alveolar X-rays.. They are used to identify cavities, cysts, dental abscesses and fractures.

Some infections can also be visualized as a result of such imaging procedures.


Another type of dental X-rays commonly used are the panoramic X-rays, which provide an overview of the teeth, sinuses, temporomandibular joints. They also help discover tumours located in the oral cavity.

Computed dental tomography, or CBCT, is a three-dimensional reproduction of teeth, jaw bones and structures in the oral cavity, which helps us establish an accurate diagnosis and an optimal treatment plan.

The specialist may request such an investigation:

  • in the case of a complicated endodontic treatment, to visualize the accessory root canals, pathological processes at root level or even fractures
  • before a dental implant, to accurately measure the size of bone tissue and/or maxillary sinuses
  • in case of complications involving the wisdom teeth or growth abnormalities

Our radiology procedures

Planmeca ProX and Satelec, our devices for retro-alveolar X-rays provide easy and precise positioning, a simple imaging process and quality high-resolution images.

With an extremely low radiation dose due to digital sensors that reduce exposure time, radiology devices are indispensable in establishing diagnoses, verifying and monitoring the results of treatments performed for 1-3 teeth.


Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100 digital panoramic radiology allows us a brilliant image quality and effective dose reduction. The complete field of view of the 3D Reuleaux arch of this unit fits closely to the shape of the natural dental arch and reduces the dose by excluding areas outside the ROI and allows a complete scan of the jaw and/or mandible.

All radiological investigations can be performed directly in the clinic without the need to travel to other imaging centres.