Although teeth are some of the strongest components of our body, they can be affected and destroyed by bacteria.

Dental prophylaxis is the way to prevent dental disease and complications if the conditions already exist.


Most tooth problems can be prevented, and prevention avoids many dental complications. Your health takes precedence, so the most important measure taken in this regard is a rigorous dental hygiene.

Regular visits to the dentist significantly reduce the costs for regaining dental health.

Our prophylaxis procedures

Prophylaxis is a systematic process, during which we will monitor and identify the state of oral health. Through this procedure the problems and the development of a personalized treatment of sanitation and prophylaxis can be detected.

Our procedures:

  • Identification and removal of bacterial plaque
  • Fluoridation
  • Sealing ditches and fissures
  • Professional descaling and brushing
  • Periodic inspection

Why us?

We believe that the oral health of each patient requires special attention in terms of communication between the patient and the medical team. Therefore, our team is not only treating existing conditions but is ready to provide the necessary advice to maintain oral health.

At the end of the cleaning sessions (the main prophylactic procedure), we treat the teeth with a paste that remineralizes the dental structure, which will have visible positive effects on the teeth over time.

Through the recall program, you do not have to keep track of your last visit to the dentist, because you will be notified when 6 months have passed from your last visit. We believe this program is very useful, for you and for us. It saves you from one more thing to remember, while helping us to take responsibility for the oral health of each patient.

Know your medic

Alexandra Majorosi

Alexandra Majorosi



For more details and tips on taking care of your teeth before, during or after each dental procedure, read the section with useful indications for patients.