With the modernization of humanity, human diseases become more complicated.

It was noted that increasingly more patients have diseases involving the marginal periodontium, implicitly the teeth.


The most common causes of periodontal disease are:

  • dental plaque
  • the absence of teeth on the arches
  • maladapted prosthetic restorations
  • vicious habits (smoking)
  • general ailments and even some medications

Periodontal disease is systematized in several stages, its evolution being from simple to complicated. The earlier it is discovered, the easier it is to treat. The main clinical signs that should warn you are as follows:

  • bleeding gums when brushing
  • changed gum colour, from pink to purple-red
  • increasing gum volume
  • the appearance of orange peel
  • gum retraction and tooth mobility

Our periodontal treatment procedures

The treatment of marginal periodontitis is relatively simple, but it requires patience and consistency. The first stage consists in eliminating the causal factors, followed by maintenance and then the actual healing, with the restoration of the affected structures.

During periodontal treatment, we monitor the germ evolution in the periodontal pockets. This can impact the healing process. At each dental visit during periodontal disease therapy, we monitor changes in oral health to constantly observe the progress of healing.

Your medical records will include photos with your initial situation, during treatment and a final one. Thus, due to the evolution of digital dentistry, we can always provide you with the exact history of your disease.

Why us?

We believe that periodontal treatments must be adapted to each patient. Therefore, we analyse each case in terms of germ detection (there are several species of bacteria present in the periodontal disease) and apply the adequate treatment (not all bacteria are sensitive to a particular treatment, which is why the treatment applied must be specific).

For treatment efficiency and a pleasant experience in our clinic, we have developed and maintained a systematized staggered program for the treatment of the periodontal disease. We start from special analyses to detect periodontitis, conducted in Germany, continue with the drafting of a personalized treatment scheme, while monitoring the parameters through periodic controls and analyses.

Know your medic

Oana Vasile

Oana Vasile

For more details and tips on taking care of your teeth before, during or after each dental procedure, read the section with useful indications for patients.