Orthodontics is the part of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of defective tooth positions, by restoring tooth’s normal position on the dental arches.

In other words, crooked or misaligned teeth are placed in their proper positions through orthodontic procedures.


From childhood, regular visits to dentist help finding dental abnormalities. Otherwise, once reaching maturity, orthodontic procedures become more complex and expensive.

Our orthodontic procedures

Orthodontic treatment is performed using various types of devices. Following a thorough analysis of the type of abnormality, we recommend the appropriate type of device: fixed or mobile, for realigning the teeth, retraining the muscles and influencing the jaw growth.

The duration of orthodontic treatments depends on the severity of abnormality and age of the patient. Based on these two main criteria, we establish and customize the procedures to be followed, plus the type of device, according to the patient.

Starting from our recommendations, we learn patient’s preferences, who can choose the type of device desired, as well as its personalization.

Types of braces

Safir fixed transparent dental braces

The braces with sapphire brackets are a modern choice for straightening teeth, helping to correct their position and obtain functional teeth, without others noticing that you are wearing braces.


Fixed metal braces

The metal dental braces represent an efficient, affordable treatment, and the brackets are durable. It is recommended in case of any dental anomaly.


Why us?

As with all services we offer, we use state-of-the-art technologies and materials for orthodontic treatments. And we don't limit ourselves to that.

Because dentistry is constantly evolving, our orthodontists are constantly improving. Because your smile deserves the best techniques and equipment.

Just as everyone has his own traits, every smile is different. For us, orthodontics does not mean bringing a smile to a certain standard of beauty but giving each person a smile that brings self-confidence. Through our orthodontic treatments, we do not limit ourselves to the alignment of the teeth, but we examine in detail the type of anomaly and recommend the right dental braces.

Know your medic

Amiela Rus

Amiela Rus

For more details and tips on taking care of your teeth before, during or after each dental procedure, read the section with useful indications for patients.