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Treatment of

Caries is one of the most common dental problems.
Untreated, it penetrates the structure of the tooth causing pain, infections and can even lead to loss of the affected tooth.

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What exactly is odontology?

Odontology is the specialty of dentistry that treats dental caries and non-carious lesions (fractures, dystrophies, dental wear lesions). Teeth are often attacked and destroyed by caries. They penetrate the structure of the tooth and cause anatomical changes to its surface.

When to go to the odontology services?

When you have noticed the appearance of dental caries or your teeth have suffered other injuries that affect their structure, it is recommended that you go to the dentist for a check-up and dental treatment.

If you have caries, even very small ones, or you haven't been to a dental check-up in a long time, make an appointment now.

Treatment of caries and dental fillings

Caries initially appears as spots on the surface of the teeth and may form a cavity. Depending on the severity, they can affect the dental pulp or even the nerve, requiring various teeth reconstruction works.

The treatment of caries consists in cleaning the lesion and making an obturation (fillings), to restore the functionality of the teeth. This is done by modelling the surfaces of the teeth, which are of functional and aesthetic importance. If anatomical reconstruction of the teeth is not performed, deficiencies in the patient's occlusion and mastication appear, which can affect the digestion process.

The earlier the tooth lesion is discovered, the better the chances of the tooth remaining as close as possible to the original shape, without major dental interventions.

Treatment of caries 1
Treatment of caries 2

Our odontological services cover the full range of interventions needed for healthy teeth.

We invite you to Smile Vision, where you can find out what are the best solutions for your teeth!

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Odontological services

Dental reconstructions can be direct (fillings) or indirect (incrustations - inlay/onlay/overlay).

Physiognomic obturations

Physiognomic obturations involve the application of a material (filling) directly on the lesion or cavity. These have the role of restoring the functionality of the teeth, but also its natural appearance, by using materials of a color similar to that of the tooth.

Inlay incrustations

Inlay dental incrustations are a type of indirect prosthetic reconstruction made in collaboration with the dental technician, which restores an affected wall of a tooth.

Onlay incrustations

An Onlay dental incrustation consists of restoring several walls of the same tooth, using the same type of material made in the laboratory.

Overlay incrustations

This type of incrustation involves the complete reconstruction of a tooth, being recommended if the structure of the tooth has been severely damaged. They provide good resilience, similar to that of dental crowns.

Direct veneers

Direct veneering consists of applying a composite material on the outer surface of the teeth and modelling it according to the aesthetic and functional desiderata.

Prevention of caries and oral hygiene

Prophylaxis is the best way to prevent caries. Through periodic check-ups and a few simple maintenance procedures, you can ensure the health of your teeth.

Also, strict dental hygiene (brushing at least twice a day and flossing) or reduced consumption of foods high in sugar and acids can help prevent tooth caries.

How to brush our teeth properly

Teeth brushing 1

The front teeth are brushed from top to bottom to remove debris between them

Teeth brushing 2

Then apply circular motions to complete the cleaning

Teeth brushing 3

Brush behind them to remove tartar deposits

Teeth brushing 4

For side teeth use back and forth movements

Teeth brushing 5

Brush your tongue to remove the bacteria

Teeth brushing 6

Rinse thoroughly to remove any leftover food

Odontology prices

Do caries give you headaches or do you want to seek the advice of a specialist about the health of your teeth? Check out our price list and make an appointment for a dental check-up!

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Why choose Smile Vision services?

In the dental treatments we perform, we use the isolation of the operating field with the help of the dam system. This is the gold standard of modern restorative dentistry, which ensures perfect isolation without contaminating the treated tooth with saliva or blood.

The cavity preparation technique is also minimally invasive, emphasizing the preservation of as much of the healthy tooth structure as possible and the preparation of the tooth before the application of composites, an extremely important step for increased predictability.

In the Smile Vision clinic we use a two-step etching technique with 6th generation adhesives, also the standard of modern medicine - which ensures very good long-term results.

The use of composite materials with high nanofilling content offers increased strength and predictability over time of obturations (both aesthetically and functionally).

In the case of bulky obturations in the lateral areas, the proposed solutions are oriented towards indirect reconstructions (integral ceramic onlay, inlay-) which represent the best and most stable long-term solution.

To carry out indirect reconstructions we use digital imprinting for a high precision of the future prosthesis. The technique is regarded with great enthusiasm by patients due to the comfort and the reduced time spent on the dental chair. The digital impression reaches the digital dental laboratory where with the help of the CAD-CAM technique the prosthesis benefits from reduced execution time and increased precision. The collaboration between the clinic’s team of doctors and technician always brings excellent results to our patients.

By using current materials, techniques and technology, the tooth’s aesthetic, after treatment, remains identical to that of the natural tooth - and the patient benefits from a safe, painless treatment that behaves well over time, and this means fewer visits and lower costs.

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