Edentation or tooth loss is one of the common problems faced by both the elderly and young patients. If, in the past, it was more difficult to replace one, more, or all missing teeth, nowadays, modern dentistry offers patients the opportunity to replace any lost tooth.

A dental implant is the best solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. The current techniques allow us to implant an artificial tooth regardless of the situation that led to the loss of the natural one.


Before performing an intervention that involves the insertion of one or more implants, there is a detailed consultation which involved 3D X-rays, photos of the initial situation and a scan of the oral cavity. Based on them, you will be informed of your case specifics, the solutions, the stages and what the intervention entails. We will also discuss the before and after recommendations, the alternatives, costs are and how long the procedures last. We will create a detailed treatment plan together.

This way you will always know what stages you have to go through and what they entail.

Our implantology procedures

A dental implant is an artificial titanium device made to replace the root of the missing tooth and is used as a support for crowns, fixed and mobile prostheses. A dental implant has the same function as the root of a natural tooth, providing solid support for a new tooth. This way you can regain a functional and healthy smile.

We recommend implants as the best options for replacing lost teeth because:

  • they offer a natural aesthetic and functionality
  • they do not require the preparation of adjacent teeth, as in the case of classical dentures
  • the presence of the implant does not allow the bone and gum to resorb

Prosthetic solutions such as dental implants can come in many variants and, based on consultation and 3D X-rays, we will determine together which is the best option. If the bone in which the implant is to be integrated is not enough, bone reconstruction techniques will be used.

Types of implants used in the clinic


The MegaGen implant system meets the highest quality standards. MegaGen implants involve minimally invasive treatment. With MegaGen implants, good results are obtained in a shorter period of time.

They are made of a titanium alloy, a metal biocompatible with the human body, which does not cause allergic reactions. Bone fusion occurs rapidly due to the surface of the implant covered with calcium ions.

The design also provides exceptionally good implant stability.


The Dentium dental implant is produced in Korea, being distributed in over 70 countries and is ISO accredited. It also meets the highest quality standards for medical devices.

It stands out both in terms of design and functionality, it offers superior osseointegration to patients, demonstrated in numerous clinical studies to date.

The S.L.A surface provides a perfect implant-bone connection, contributing to tissue preservation.


The Bredent system is a premium world leader in dental implants, being manufactured in Germany. It offers the guarantee of quality materials, which are easily accepted by the body, while helping us to offer treatment solutions in complicated or easy cases. The types of implants offered by Bredent are suitable for all possible cases.

Bredent's dental implant system can be of several types, including the famous Fast and Fixed system, which is used to replace mobile dentures with fixed teeth in 24 hours.

Implant systems for all missing teeth

Sky fast & fixed from Bredent

Bredent's Sky fast & fixed prosthesis solution is a total tooth reconstruction method that addresses patients without teeth or with affected teeth that can no longer be saved.

The procedure involves inserting dental implants and fixing the temporary treatment within 24 hours. The advantage of using the SKY fast & fixed prosthesis solution from Bredent is the possibility to offer patients fixed teeth in one day, with which they can eat immediately after the surgery.

Dental implant osseointegration is easy, and the PRF technique we use ensures faster healing than usual.


All-on-4 / All-on-6

The All-on-4/6 technique offers patients a completely fixed prosthetic treatment on the day of the intervention, or in the shortest time.

All-on-4/6 are absolutely stable solutions with a very good long-term prognosis.

According to the original All-on-4/6 protocol, the temporary prosthesis is attached simultaneously with the insertion of the dental implants. The final treatment is applied after implant osseointegration and, during all this time, the patient can eat, smile and have an absolutely normal life.


The right dental implant system depends on the patient’s dental problems. Our recommendation depends on the volume of bone tissue found after radiological examination, the remaining teeth, and patient needs.

Why us?

With our techniques, used in all dental implantology procedures, implant insertion is bearable and recovery is fast. Depending on the initial clinical situation and bone hardness, in some cases you will be able to leave after the implant insertion intervention with temporary teeth, with which you can smile, eat and talk.

Implant insertion helps restoring the natural appearance of the teeth, in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We can do this thanks to the thorough training and 10+ years of experience in this field.

At Smile Vision Clinic, Megagen, Bredent, Dentium, MIS implant insertion surgeries have successfully been performed by Dr. Mario Chilom and Dr. Paul Zaharia.

The warranty for any implant is 5 years, subject to compliance with the recommendations and regular consultation every 6 months.

Know your medic

Paul Zaharia

Paul Zaharia

Mario Chilom

Mario Chilom

For more details and tips on taking care of your teeth before, during or after each dental procedure, read the section with useful indications for patients.