White and healthy teeth are a sign of health and self-esteem.

Dental aesthetics, the discipline that deals with the beauty and health of teeth, was born out of this desire of people to transmit beauty.

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What is dental aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics is the discipline of dentistry dedicated to the art of restoring a natural smile, a discipline by which a dentist proves his mastery in the most visible way. Through a clear, aesthetic smile, you show that you care about yourself and others, that you take care of and focus on yourself.

This specialization is addressed to patients who want healthy white teeth, harmonized with their physiognomy as well as to patients who want a good functionality of the teeth. To do this, the main focus should be on: dental hygiene, the natural symmetry of the smile, the face and the color of the teeth.

Do you want a more beautiful smile? Find out the steps required to get the smile you want.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments

Natural smile

Natural smile,
as before

Through dental aesthetics, you get a beautiful, perfectly aligned smile.

Even if you there is an intervenetion on the teeth, the smile will still look natural.

Therefore, any prosthetic work or structural changes will go unnoticed.

Harmonized facial features

Harmonized facial features

A faulty smile can have an impact on facial features, affecting the entire symmetry of the face.

Thus, by repairing the smile and improving the appearance of the teeth, the entire physiognomy of the patient will change.

Pain-free results

Pain-free results

Dental treatments are associated with pain and discomfort, but they don't always have to be.

Medicine benefits greatly from technological development, and the pain during dental cosmetic treatments becomes imperceptible.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can not only restore your smile and health, they can change your life.

We invite you to Smile Vision, where you can find out what are the best solutions for your teeth!

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Types of cosmetic dentistry treatments

Laser teeth whitening in dentist office

It is the simplest and most comfortable way to regain your smile’s brilliance in a single visit to the clinic. Using the Biolase Epic X laser teeth whitening treatment, you can get a whiter smile with up to 4-6 shades in one single session.

The effects of the professional teeth whitening procedure can last up to 6 years, their maintenance being influenced by the long-term living habits of the patient (smoking or consuming coloring food and drinks).

Laser whitening 1
Laser whitening 2

Professional laser whitening is the most modern and efficient whitening method.

Teeth whitening with mouthguards - at home

Teeth whitening with mouthguards, is performed by the patient at home, following the recommendations and instructions provided by the dentist.

The mouthguards are specially made for each patient and are filled at home by the patient with a special gel. Mouthguards are applied to the teeth for a certain number of hours, as recommended by your doctor.

The effects of this procedure are obtained over time, depending on the duration and number of applications. We recommend this type of whitening as a measure to continue or maintain the effect of teeth whitening performed in the dental office.

Teeth whitening can be repeated without affecting the health of the teeth at an interval recommended by the dentist.

Home whitening 1

The whitening agent is applied to the mouthguard.

Home whitening 2

The mouthguard shall be used overnight.

Internal teeth whitening

This treatment is performed only on people who have undergone endodontic treatment, i.e. nerve extraction or treatment. The lack of the nerve can favor the coloration of the root canal and requires an internal teeth whitening, in addition to the external one.


The brace is a device that, once applied to the teeth, puts pressure on the teeth and thus achieves an aligned smile. The average length of time you wear braces is between one and two years. However, the period is set by the orthodontist, who makes the decision based on the severity of the case and the type of the desired dental appliance.


Dental prosthetic interventions ensure the integrity of teeth degraded or affected by various lesions, and include several types of work:

  • Applying dental crowns involves attaching a false, hollow tooth on top of the diseased tooth to protect it.
  • Inlay/Onlay dental incrustations are a more resistant variant, but also more pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, being closer to the natural aspect of the tooth. They are made based on dental impressions, made with the help of an intraoral scanner that provides a fast and accurate final result.
  • Dental veneers cover the front surface of the teeth, and their role is to correct aesthetic problems, such as stained, worn, crooked teeth. Overly spaced or chipped teeth can also be repaired with the help of dental veneers.
  • Dentures are custom-made medical devices used in case of complete loss of teeth. They are intended to completely restore the dental arches.


If a tooth is destroyed by caries, the dentist will repair the tooth with a filling. Aesthetic obturation involves the use of a filling that takes the shape and color of the tooth, without affecting its natural translucency.

Crown remodeling

Crown remodeling involves adding or removing an amount of enamel from the tooth. It is a recommended technique for overlapping or crooked teeth.

Changing the smile

Changing the smile by transforming the famous ‘gummy smile’ is another popular technique in dental aesthetics, which involves avoiding the complete discovery of the teeth and a part of the gum. For this procedure we use botulinum toxin, through which we bring back, without being invasive, a natural-looking smile.

Dental aesthetics prices

We take total care of your smile, from prevention to the treatment you need. Come and consult the Smile Vision team of doctors and find out the prices of our clinic.

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Why choose Smile Vision services?

We pay close attention to the materials and equipment used in our clinic, including the dental and facial aesthetics procedures. In this way, we guarantee you safe and efficient procedures, performed to the highest standards.

With the help of the pictures taken at the Smile Vision clinic, we can make a simulation of your new smile, before performing the actual procedures, so that you know the final result before you have it and you can give your consent or maybe make other suggestions.

Visit us for a consultation and find out which are the most suitable aesthetic solutions for your teeth!

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