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Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of tooth root, the part that is not visible in the oral cavity.

Endodontic tooth treatment is a stage in a complex process. Saving and keeping the tooth in the oral cavity is our mission through this dental procedure.


Each tooth has a specific anatomy. Most fit statistically into certain patterns. Molars are more atypical and it is not known how many canals they might have or if they are fully operable. Endodontic treatment can rarely be applied to the wisdom teeth, which are theoretically "non-endodontic”.

Endodontic treatment has many indications, including:

  • removal of a dead or infected nerve
  • removal for prosthetic purposes
  • healing an abscess at the tip of the tooth

Our endodontic procedures

In endodontic treatments we use:

  • Rubber dam isolation system, a system that prevents the passage of substances used to disinfect the tooth root in the oral cavity, which keeps a clean working field. Infection with other bacteria becomes virtually impossible.
  • The rubber dam is the only barrier that protects against tooth infection with microorganisms in the oral cavity during endodontic treatment. Thus, you are protected from contact with substances used to clean the canals, substances that, in addition to having an unpleasant taste, can also cause irritation.
  • Zeiss magnifiers that magnify and illuminate the area to be treated up to 5x, provide the doctor with the accuracy needed to identify and treat tooth canals. Magnification of up to 40x is not always required, as it can be achieved with the Leica microscope that we use when we need it.
  • The Leica microscope magnifies up to 40x and illuminates the area to be treated, visualizing any complication, offering the patient a risk-free treatment and a 100% precise intervention.

Why us?

The success of an endodontic treatment consists in the very rigorous disinfection of the tooth root canals and their filling in a three-dimensional way. Our team provides attention and patience, and uses state-of-the-art technology (magnifying glasses, microscope, radiology to check treatments after performance).

Another aspect important to us is the type of materials used. In this way, the endodontic treatment has the best visible results in time. We use 100% organic materials, which do not stain the tooth over time and which we combine with the best modern canal preparation techniques.

Along with these, for canal sealing we use a three-dimensional sealing system, recognized for much more efficient sealing compared to conventional systems.

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