Dentoalveolar surgical treatments are necessary when teeth affected by severe complications must be saved or removed. These types of treatments can also prepare the ground for further prosthetic restorations or for implant insertion.


Our oral surgery procedures

Dentoalveolar surgery involves complex procedures, being a vast field of dentistry. In our clinic, you will be able to benefit from all oral surgery interventions, including:

  • dental extractions
  • surgical uncovering of impacted teeth
  • periodontal surgery - gingivectomies: closed/open subgingival curettage, crown lengthening, etc.
  • endodontic surgery - apical resections: removal of the root tip and the affected tissue around it
  • cystectomies - removal of intraosseous cysts
  • pre-prosthetic surgery - regularization of edentulous ridges for prosthesis
  • implantology - horizontal and vertical bone augmentation techniques

All treatments are performed using magnifying glasses/microscopes for high accuracy.

Why us?

When we say dentoalveolar surgery, we are probably thinking of complex and painful processes. Fortunately, in our surgical practice, the pain is almost non-existent, and we like not to complicate things when it is not necessary. That is why we use materials and techniques that help the rapid and healthy healing of wounds resulted from oral surgery and certain substances that prevent post-surgical pain, swelling and skin staining.

We do our best to make it seem simple for you, regardless of the level of difficulty of the case:

  • we will always explain to you which is the most suitable treatment and why we recommend it
  • we will present you all the pros and cons, while you will have the final word.

We do not apply the "no pain, no gain" principle, so we are waiting for you in our clinic to prove it to you. You will feel that we are working, but without any signs of pain.

Know your medic

Paul Zaharia

Paul Zaharia

For more details and tips on taking care of your teeth before, during or after each dental procedure, read the section with useful indications for patients.